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Posted by Gaston Laugé

Fernando Botero

Fernando BoteroBorn in Colombia, Fernando Botero is among the most renowned artists of his generation. His sculptures of sensuously robust human figures have been exhibited worldwide and are part of the collections of major museums, including The Guggenheim and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Fabián Burgos

Fabián BurgosFabian Burgos is an Argentinean contemporary painter recognized for his use of intense color to create vibrant geometric compositions that come alive on the canvas. His work has been exhibited in several galleries throughout Argentina.

Ana Isabel Martínez

Ana Isabel MartínezVenezuelan artist Ana Isabel Martinez’s innovative work consists in interactive spaces where viewers are faced with a world of technical effects and a spectacle of forms and dynamic information. Her work has been exhibited in Miami, Buenos Aires, Caracas, and Lima.